A Message from Ontario's Doctors

Ontario’s doctors are committed to having the healthiest patients and the best health care system. We’re doing our best to achieve these goals, but the people of Ontario need government to step up and make health care the number one priority!

The reality is that our health care system is struggling. Every day, we hear more about increasing wait times, cancellations and delays. Our hospitals are overflowing with patients, emergency rooms are jammed, sick patients line the hallways on stretchers awaiting treatment.

Wait times for long-term care are growing. Access to mental health services is an ongoing, serious problem. In many rural and northern areas, patients are forced to leave their families and travel great distances to access treatment that should be available closer to home.

These are just a few examples of the serious challenges that we need to fix if we are going to have a health care system that truly meets the needs of our patients and the people of Ontario.

For too long, doctors and our partners in the health care system have been working to prop up a health care system that is underfunded and facing extreme pressures from a growing and aging population.

Funding cuts, longer wait times, and increased patient demands for care have created a perfect storm that we need to tackle head on, together!

Ontario doctors are on the frontlines of health care. We know the problems in the system, and we have solutions. We need a government that shares the same commitment. The people of Ontario cannot wait any longer.

Please take some time to review this document, and please sign our campaign pledge to make government provide the health care that patients in your community deserve.

Not A Second Longer! The time for action is now!

Download the platform here

Download the Not a Second Longer Platform

Sign the election pledge today!

Sign the election pledge today!

Candidates that have already signed our pledge:

Patricia Kalligosfyris

Stephen Lecce

Rick Nicholls

Todd Smith

Suze Morrison

Sandy Shaw

Lisa Gretzky

Robin Martin

Lorne Coe

Randy Hillier

Steve Clark

Rudy Cuzzetto

Jane McKenna

Laura Mae Lindo

Victor Fedeli

Jeff Yurek

Stephen Crawford

Michelle Taylor

Michael Mantha

Percy Hatfield

Bill Walker

Karen Gventer

Catherine Fife

Jennifer French

Andrea Horwath

Teresa Armstrong

Wayne Gates

Lisa MacLeod

France Gelinas

John Fraser

Paul Miller

Jessica Bell

Mohammad Latif

Carol Dyck

Vincent Ke

Andrea Vasquez Jimenez

Bob Bailey

Jana Papuckoski

David Piccini

Joel Harden

Lyra Evans

Cam Montgomery

Peggy Sattler

Lonnie Herrington

Federico Sanchez

Phil Trotter

Terence Kernaghan

Sean Conway

Ernie Hardeman

Susan Truppe

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