The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) represents Ontario’s Doctors. The Not A Second Longer campaign intends to spotlight one of the major issues that burden the Ontario health care system – unacceptable wait times.

Ontario’s physicians are committed to having the healthiest patients and the best healthcare system. Every moment that a patient spends on a waiting list represents more than just lost time. Prolonged agony, increased anxiety and delayed health outcomes directly affect patients’ lives. Doctors are all too familiar with the frustration, pain and uncertainty that wait times can cause, and unfortunately, the impact of Ontario’s lengthy wait times does not end there. All too often, friends and family members are caught up in the negative effects of Ontario’s ballooning wait times. Missed work, lost wages, and the stress associated with the extended care of a loved one are a very real part of life for many Ontarians.

As Ontario heads to an election, it is imperative to draw attention to this key issue that must be addressed by the government, working with Ontario’s doctors, to improve health care in our province.

Wait times in Ontario are getting worse, and it’s the government’s fault. Your doctor doesn’t want you to wait a second longer.

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